You Are a Bestselling Author

You know this accolade is in your future because you KNOW a book is going to seriously up level your coaching or consulting business.

Heck, you may have already started it - with a promising outline where words are going to fall seamlessly into place.

You can't wait to hand your best seller out at seminars, send it out to all your clients and of course a copy will be mailed to your old English teacher who gave you a B- on that essay when you were 12.

But, best selling dreams aside, you’re worried about what happens AFTER your masterpiece is written.In the age of self publishing, do you still need an old school publisher?

But you have so many questions

You’ve heard of publishing scams and you do NOT want to attend that circus… And what about making it to best-seller status? 

You've seen articles about how some best seller lists are a load of bunk and you don't know if you need to spend a ton of money on promotion, buying your own books (yes, this is a thing) and the bottomless pit of 'gimme all your money' marketing. 

And what about the questions you don’t even know you need to ask? 

Like this one: Do you know the one “famous list” you DON'T want your book to be on?


A best seller adds weight to your business profile, your personal creds and your dinner party conversation (oh and the increased profits are a nice bonus)…

It will enable you to charge higher rates for 1-1 clients, host VIP days and triple (or more) your annual business income...

Being a bestselling author will open doors for speaking engagements and will absolutely position you as the expert in your market niche...

But you're overwhelmed with some of the basics, and aren't sure how to translate that book into client payments.